Erin Schifferli

Yoga practice came into Erin’s life as a young parent and college student; she knew it was something that she needed to explore further so she continued to self study attending classes in local studios for several years. After her third child was born a friend asked her to “show” her some of “that yoga” and so they shared an outdoor practice in the backyard. A few weeks later she was invited to a teacher training by a local health club, where that same friend worked, and her yoga path / education continued to deepen from there.

She is grateful to all of her teachers and her continued daily education from her students and clients. Amongst those include: Yatra Yoga, a registered Yoga Alliance school, YogaFit Systems Worldwide, Kripalu Yoga Center, Elena Brower, Swami Sadasivananda, and self study. Blessed by the loving support of her family, she was able to earn a BS/MS in nutrition and dietetics in 2006, and maintain a NYS registration in dietetics / nutrition. As a member of the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Erin continually enhances her health and wellness schooling and maintains a professional portfolio.

Erin is a Mama to four lively children and wife to a loving husband who shares the desire to offer health, wellness, and mediation to all who seek it. We as a family hope to create a safe, sacred space for all to practice, learn, and grow in – both internally, and together. We are continually inspired by the local community and are very grateful to be a part of it. While enjoying the local connections, Erin also focuses on being world-minded, honor the  fact… that we are all one.


Peace & Blessings,



Adam Schifferli

Yoga, Reiki, and meditation came in to my life exactly when I needed them most. I’ve been blessed to have had amazing teachers and experiences to grow my own practice and I truly enjoy bringing those forward to share with others in accessible ways. These practices over time showed me a way of life that made sense and helped me uncover the person I was meant to be.

I am blessed to be married to Erin Schifferli, an amazing and inspiring woman, and father to four dynamic children, who are the greatest of teachers and sources of learning. Together we share the desire to offer health, wellness, and meditation all who seek it. We, as a family hope, to create a safe, sacred space for all to practice, learn, and grow in – both internally, and together. We are continually inspired by the local community and are very grateful to be a part of it.

As a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Usui, Karuna, and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher, and Mediation coach, I am abundantly grateful to all of my teachers, and the transformational practices and techniques I’ve learned from them, which include various styles of yoga, Reiki, and Vipassana, Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation. Using a personalized blend of these healing and sacred techniques and practices, I enjoy helping clients leave behind feelings and patterns of physical and emotional pain, blockages, old habits and ways of life, so they can live truly present lives for themselves and their families.

You can reach Adam, to find out more and start your own path.

I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.

-Chief Crazy Horse


Rachna Clerici

Certifications & Training:

  • 200 hour Essential Yoga Teacher Training with Francois Raoult  2010
  • Relax and Renew Restorative yoga teacher training  2008
  • Continued teacher training workshops – ongoing
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga  2011
  • 200 hour Essential Yoga Teacher Training with Francois Raoult  2016
  • Studying Reflexology 2016
  • Reiki Master Level 1 2016

In Sanskrit, the meaning of Rachna is creation. For Rachna, teaching yoga is pure JOY, it is an inherent passion and inspiration to share the gift of yoga with children and adults alike. I find delight in the nurturing aspect of teaching yoga and assisting others in finding their inner peace and mind body harmony.

Outside the studio Rachna enjoys cooking, preparing her specialty homemade Chai tea, creating mandalas, and other free forms of art. Rachna has a love of nature and enjoys discovering the world around her. She loves most being “Mommy,” and is constantly inspired by her family.

Rachna brings her serene and nurturing personality to the studio, taking students through motivating classes with joy, peace, and safety. She focuses on alignment and injury prevention and emphasizes mindfulness, breath awareness, and creating harmony within. Her specialties are Hatha yoga (Iyengar inspired), Restorative Yoga, and children & teen yoga.


Ashley Strazzella

I discovered Yoga during my years in University. As a stressed-out, over-worked student, I began yoga as a form of exercise. As I continued my practices I realized what I had discovered was far more than just exercise. I began to notice myself handling the pressures of university better. My attitude improved, my stress-levels decreased, my outlook became more positive, I slept better, and my grades even improved. As an analytically minded Biophysics student, I began to look more closely at this practice and I found that my background in Biology and Physics lead me to a deep understanding of the biological and energetic processes of Yoga. After Graduations with a B.S. in Pre-medical Biology & Physics, I devoted myself to my studies the arts of Yoga and Natural Energy healing.

In 2014 I left for India, the birth-country of yoga, to continue learning with traditional Yogis & Healers. I now travel and teach internationally in India, Asia and USA. Thanks to the grace of my teachers I am practicing as a Certified Reiki Master Healer under the Traditional Usui System of Natural Healing and the Karuna Reiki tradition (Reiki of compassion). I am a Hatha Yoga and Meditation teacher trained primarily under the Bihar School of Yoga Tradition. My specialty is teaching Yoga Nidra, “Yogic Sleep” or “Dream Yoga”, a practice of deep relaxation, healing, and psychic exploration. I also teach yogic cleansing practices and advanced meditation techniques on request. I’ve found Reiki Healing to be a beautiful compliment to the practices of Yoga & Meditation. I offer Reiki Healing Sessions and Coureses by Appointment.

My experiences living in Ashrams and communities in India and Southeast Asia have given me a great understanding of alternative lifestyles. As a Healer and a Teacher I believed in the holistic middle-way approach to life, healing, and practice. We can’t all be Yogis’ living in caves in the Himalayas. But we can all find some practices and lifestyle choices to integrate into the lives we have created for ourselves and our families. My teaching is about finding balance in our lives, our bodies, and our beings. Through the simple yet powerful practices of Yoga, Meditation & Reiki, we can learn to how to live with a sense of bliss and purpose.


Jane Schmitt

Jane  earned her 200 hour certification in 2011 but felt the need  to continue on the educational path and in 2015 completed her 500 hours.

She has been teaching yoga in East Aurora through community education for eight years and has met many wonderful people in the community. Recently she began teaching for community education in her own town of Lancaster. Her training is in the Vinyasa style which focuses on connecting movement with breath.

One of Jane’s favorite part of being a yoga instructor is having the privilege to introduce the practice to somebody brand new. While the practice has many physical health benefits ,it is the spiritual connection that reaps the greatest reward. Yoga will not take away our problems but will help us find the strength and peace within to cope and carry on.

She is looking forward to joining the JoyWheel  community to continue her calling to share her love of yoga with all who cross her path

  • 500 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance
  • YogaFit 100 hour Warrior Certification

Heather Binkowski

I first discovered yoga about 11 years ago, when I accidentally happened upon a Power Flow Vinyasa class at my hair salon.  I was immediately hooked.  Finding awareness in my body, my breath, and my soul opened up sense of clarity and confidence that I never knew I could feel.  Each time I came to my mat it was like coming home.

Oh a whim, I decided to start teaching at the Buffalo Athletic Club, where I did most of my exercising.  I received an International Sports Conditioning Association Instructor Certification through Yoga for Life, and started teaching immediately.  Not long after that I became pregnant and continued teaching throughout my pregnancy.  Yoga brought me peace, awareness, joy, and strength while growing my baby and I truly believe it was what helped me have two natural and beautiful birth experiences.

Becoming a mother moved me to blossom into a more whole and happy person.  I always knew I wanted to be a mama…but I never knew what it would awaken in me.  I became very passionate about natural alternatives in pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing.  I earned a Holistic Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decided I wanted to help pregnant and new mamas on their path to wellness.  It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my second child that I received my prenatal yoga certification through Yoga Fit – big belly and all!

Connecting with others and myself through the practice of yoga is my passion and brings me such joy.  I love sharing this practice with others and growing and learning from all that our community and the world has to offer.  Namaste!